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Ars magna lucis et umbrae - Die große Kunst von Licht und Schatten
ein Projekt von MACHFELD [Sabine Maier | Michael Mastrototaro] und Norman T. White (Kanada)


MACHFELD [Sabine Maier, Michael Mastrototaro] with
M1+1 [Jack Hauser, Sabina Holzer, Anton Gesubabino Tichawa]

Machfeld (AT) from Festival on Vimeo.

@ intermedia festival on 16.11.2011!

14. - 16. novembra 2011 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Link: M1+1

12 October @ 7pm

Divadlo Štúdio tanca,
Komenského 12, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
Tickets: €6

Choreographer Katarina Mojžišová will be premiering her latest work, a postmodern ballet "Too Close To Return) with Divadlo Štúdio tanca, a professional dance theatre under the artistic director Zuzana Hájková in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.

Prilis blízko na návrat (Too Close To Return) is based on the music and original libretto of Karel von Kleist, a Dutch composer living in Ireland. The composition is a soundscape that took him seven years to compose. The outcome was a ballet in ten scenes about the search of the soul.

In the coception of Katarina Mojžišová while preserving the theme, the original libretto has been adapted for the needs of audio-visual-physical media involved and choreographed as a postmodern ballet.

The visual aspect consists of the set and costumes by Slovak set designer Erik Ivančik and the multimedia stage design by Austrian artists MACHFELD.

The physical, bodily aspect are the six dancers of Štúdio Tanca - Denisa Benčatová, Lenka Rajchmanová, Lucia Horváthová, Miroslava Peterská, Tibor Trulik and Michal Štefkovič. The state of transition, of being on the journey, when there is a need to decide whether to go on or to return is the recurring motive of the performance. In the course of this journey, the media concerned mutually invade, help and influence each other.

Ten scenes, six stops on a journey.
No way back.
Too Close To Return.


Open Challenge / Open Moment Artistic Research: Hell as paradise as hell
An appalling investigation

Tue 25. Oct. 2011 - 18.00 TQW / Studios

Life, death and the life hereafter. Discipline, punishment and reward. The archaic metaphors of heaven and hell continue to live as still functioning structures in ideologies and management of our societies. But in surprisingly many and important areas the supposed opposites can merge. And what is for example extolled as redemption leads in reality to damnation. On the margins of this merging, a group of artists and theoreticians invited to the Tanzquartier Wien by the collective of the Vienna dance website CORPUS ( and the Austrian Film Archive undertake an intensive investigation of the infernal. The participants in this research project will penetrate the grey areas and illusions of the exploitation of values, more closely investigate the interpretive parameters of suffering or happiness and likewise to what extent the common political animal is possessed or blessed by satanic or angelic metres.

With: Thomas Ballhausen (A) / Jack Hauser (A) / Sabina Holzer (A) / Michikazu Matsune (J/A) / Michael Mastrototaro [MACHFELD](A) / Helmut Ploebst (A) / Tanja Ostojic (SRB/D) / Boyan Manchev (BUL) / Kattrin Deufert + Thomas Plischke (D)

Artistic Research
MON 17 OCT. – TUE 25 OCT.
in TQW / Studios and
Filmarchiv Austria


Do, 20.10.2011, 19.00 Uhr
Literaturhaus Wien
Seidengasse 13
1070 Wien

Unter dem Titel „Zeichensetzung Zeilensprünge“ haben der Autor Thomas Ballhausen und die Autorin Regina Hilber
erstmals im Frühjahr 2008 eine Veranstaltung mit Lesungen junger österreichischer Autorinnen und Autoren im
Literaturhaus Wien organisiert. Im selben Jahr wurde das Kuratorenduo Ballhausen / Hilber für sein Veranstaltungskonzept
mit dem Holfeld-Tunzer-Preis ausgezeichnet. 2009 ist im Luftschacht Verlag eine Anthologie mit Texten von insgesamt
18 AutorInnen erschienen, die an den bislang vier „ZZ“-Abenden im Literaturhaus Wien gelesen hatten.
Mit Teil V erlebt die beliebte Reihe ihre Fortsetzung, die das Literaturhaus Wien erneut zum lebendigen Ort der
Begegnung und der Unterhaltung macht. Literatur darf rocken.
Begrüßung / Moderation: Thomas Ballhausen, Regina Hilber
Lesungen: Michael Mastrototaro [MACHFELD], Marcus Pöttler und Julya Rabinowich

28. Künstlerbegegnung im Stift St. Lambrecht
[28th Artists meeting at Stift St. Lambrecht]


5. - 8. September 2011

Betonung in ES
(es fliegt, es fliegt, es zieht)

Künstlerinnen | Artists:
Petra Ganglbauer Literatur [Literature]
horst.maria Foto/Installation [Photography / Installation]
Sabine Maier [MACHFELD] Medienkunst, Installation [Media Art / Installation]
Gertrude Moser-Wagner Konzeptkunst, Skulptur [Concept Art Sculptur]
Gerda Sengstbratl Literatur [Literature]

Für die REGIONALE12 werden diese KünstlerInnen das Projekt
NISTEN ZIEHEN IRREN in St. Lambrecht erarbeiten.
[The Artists will create the project NISTEN ZIEHEN IRREN at the monastery for the REGIONALE12]

PRÄSENTATION | Presentation

9. September 2011
Stiftshof, 20:00 Uhr

Initiative LAMBEART in Kooperation mit der REGIONALE12

A-8813 St. Lambrecht
T +43 3585 2305 22, F +43 3585 2305 20

Gefördert von [ Supported by ] : Kultur STMK, Marktgemeinde St. Lambrecht, BMUKK

Presentation of our short-films:
KÚPELE CENTRAL (by Sabine Maier) and
[watch now]
BANSKA (by Michael Mastrototaro) [watch now]

Cologne OFF 2011 Beirut

@ Shams - The Sunflower


The Sunflower Cultural Space
Blvd. Sami-el-Solh, Tayyouneh, Beirut, Libanon

31 Aug - 3 September 2011
more info about the Lebanese art center on


Wednesday, 22. June 2011, 6 p.m.

Leopold Museum Wien
1070 Vienna, Museumsplatz 1, MQ

Exhibition: 23.06. - 17.07.2011

extended until: 29.08.2011

sabine maier | BANS
BANS, 60 cm x 45 cm, C-Print, © 2011, Sabine Maier


Anna Artaker
Tobias Hübel
Mimi Connolly
Anja Bohnhof & Karen Weinert
Catharina Freuis
Moseid Geir
Marko Lipus
Sabine Maier [MACHFELD]
Adam de Neige
Zoran Pavelic
Dario Srbic
Wouter Verbeylen


EIKON announced a Europe-wide competition for photography on the subject of prohibitions in the space of art. This competition was directed at all those who think the discussion of conventions is important when it comes to dealing with art or our behavior within spaces dedicated to art. An expert jury well-chosen the best works, which will be shown in a three-week exhibition at Leopold Museum in Vienna.

Art is “fragile;” “do not touch;” or “do not cross the line” surrounding an artwork. But the space for the beholders behind the line is also subject to certain rules of behavior. That our approach to art is ruled by conventions becomes clearly visible when we consider the capacity for critique attributed to art and the refusal of regulation. If the art space is public, debate is broadened, and comes to focus on attitudes about the freedom to act in cultural space. This competition understands itself as an international contribution to the debate, as a platform for the exchange on restrictive relations in the supposedly free space of art.

pressrelease by EIKON


Die letzte Vorstellung
M1+1 @ Wohnung Miryam van Doren
a project by Jack Hauser

Bürgerspitalgasse 13/17
1060 Vienna

Photo © 2011 by Alexander Bachmayer

06. - 12.08.2011
Presentation of the Music-Film-Documentation PARADE at the

Starigrad Paklenica Film Festival
Jakovljanska 21,
10110 Zagreb, 


FLUSS in Athens
A Tribute to Contemporary Austrian Photo- and Media Art

11.03.2011 - 07.04.2011

Gallery M55projects
Mavromichali str. 55
Athens - Griechenland

Opening: 10.3.2011, 18 Uhr

FLUSS presents five photographic series and five video works by contemporary Austrian artists, all of them members of the art association FLUSS – the society for the promotion of photo- and video art. The exhibition presents a cross section of artistic works in these fields, rather displaying the stylistic variety and diversity than focusing on a thematic concept.

Magdalena Frey, Robert F. Hammerstiel, Helmut und Johanna Kandl, Gerda Lampalzer, Karin Mack, Sabine Maier, Michael Mastrototaro, Wolfgang Müllner, Gerald Zahn, Anna Zeilinger

Curated by:
Nina Kassianou, M55projects |
Martin Breindl [alien prouctions], FLUSS |
[.pdf pressinformation]

Vivat Liszt
Hear the Light… See the Sound. Tour d’Europe

sabine maier
Clair de lune, interactive installation by Sabine Maier © 2011

Opening: 27.01.2011, 5 pm
Burgenländische Landesgalerie Eisenstadt

Opening Speech: Dr. Heinz Fischer
Federal President of the Rebublic of Austria

The exhibition reflects Liszt’s great interest in art, literature and music, which he cultivated also through lively exchange with artists and intellectuals of his time.

At the eu-art-network symposium 2010, which was held at the Cselley Mühle in Oslip, numerous European artists focused specifically on the European artist Franz Liszt. A selection of their works will be exhibited at the Gallery of the Province of Burgenland. Subsequently the exhibition will go on tour through Europe.

With: Anne-Katrin Altwein, Weimar -Germany | Martin Breindl, Vienna - Austria | Raúl Díaz-Obregón Cruzado, Madrid - Spain | Jean-Luc Guin’Amant, Paris - France | Ralf Koenemann, Essen - Germany | Milan Lukác, Bratislava - Slowakia | Sabine Maier, Vienna - Austria | Gudrun Schüler, Bayreuth, Germay | Teréz Szilágyi, Budapest Hungary, Hael Yxxs, Leipzig - Germany | Frédèric Acquaviva, Paris - France | Johannes Hildebrandt, Weimar - Germany | Emily Howard, Liverpool - U.K. | Peter Martincek, Bratislava - Slowakia | Pascal Schumacher, Luxemburg - Luxemburg | Kunsu Shim, Duisburg - Germany | Gerhard Stäbler, Duisburg - Germany | Gavin Wayte, Manchester - U.K. | Johannes Haider - Markus Huber - Johann Karner - Sepp Laubner – Robert Schneider - Hans Wetzelsdorfer | Burgenland - Austria

Tour d’Europe

Budapest| Budapest Galéria | 18 March - 3 April 2011
Bayreuth | Galerie im neuen Rathaus | 6 April - 20 April 2011
Weimar | Altenburg | 25 April - May 2011
Bratislava | Gallery Umelecka beseda | May - June 2011
Leipzig | Forum Lipinski | 10 June - 9 July 2011
Raiding | Lisztzentrum | 13 June - 11 Nov. 2011
Luxembourg | Forum Art Contemporain | 14 July - 23 July 2011
London | Austrian Cultural Forum | 25 July - 31 Aug. 2011
Venedig | Palazzo Albrizzi | 10 Sept. - 31 Oct. 2011