UNSEEN (2008)

16mm Film, b/w

Original duration of the Super 8 Found footage: 22 Sec. 20 Frames

Duration: 22 Min. 20 Sec.

© 2008 by Michael Mastrototaro


Unseen shows a Super 8 found footage material with an original duration of 22 sec. 20 frames. You can see a child wearing a floating tire, in the center of the film-image. The Film examining the question of the machine, their accuracy and receptiveness as well as the whole technical and physical operation with is contributes the cinematic reality. Unseen is an analysis of perceptibly and available images on Film. During the time based manipulation of the original film sequence, images where brought to light that you cannot see in normal velocity. (Like the moving clouds who make the film lighter and darker…) You can get an experience of the mechanical method of the film camera operation.


2001 the essay by Charles and Ray Eames about multimedia-architecture was published. In this publication Beatriz Colomina says: In these days, we are surrounded by multiple and simultaneously image-streams. […] The idea, a single image can attract attention to us is hardly existing anymore.”