Interactive sound object, 2007

Star Trek, Space Patrol Orion and all the rest!

All of these TV series have one thing in common: the love of playful objects that pretend to be hi-tech devices and are in fact makeshift constructions from wooden crates and cardboard.

Pong is a tribute to the early days of science fiction film and its soundscapes.

Playing with the interactive sound object via its functional interface, the participants experience music industry processes. Concise statements contemplate alternative design options via remnants of acoustic traces.

P_O_N_G_! is a type of musical riddle. Through its elements of play, it places the responsibility for actions in the participants’ hands.

Christmas lights, wooden board, microcontroller, sound samples, video projection


P_O_N_G_! installation view, OK – Offene Kulturhaus Linz, Austria 2007, Part of the exhibiton “STOP.SPOT”