Exhibition at the:
medien.kunstlabor at the Kunsthaus Graz
Lendkai 1, A-8020 Graz / Austria

Opening: 06.12.2007, 7 pm
Duration: 07.12.2007 – 13.01.2008


Is it necessary to have knowledge about “the foreigner” in a cross continental communication process?
Where does a transdisciplinary language intersect? What does it overlap?
MACHFELD dedicated itself to these questions during their stay in
Cape Town (X-Cape Biennale) and Johannesburg (ZA) 2007.

Formats of this artistic reflection are different art-works all related to the main topic of communication.

Although there have been multiple definitions of culture, the definition by Hofstede is regarded as
fundamental. Hofstede defined culture as, “the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes
the members of one human group from another”. In addition to the definition of Hofstede, there is a
general notion that culture is based on shared values. As for the compositions of
culture, Shils present that culture consists of a set of values, norms, and symbols
that guide individual behavior. Geertz presents that the culture is composed of three layers:

assumptions about existence,
values and norms,
and explicit products and artifacts.

We are happy that we could invite Marcus Neustetter & Stephan Hobbs from Johannesburg
to collaborate in this exhibition and give a different, cultural view on this topic.