12.09.2002, Lindengasse 11, 1070 Vienna / Austria


a public phone was created at lindengasse 1070 vienna -- just in front of our studio. people are able to talk in the phone and listen to the phone, listen to themselves, the stream and talk in the stream through the phone. the phone will not ring, though.

we transfer the responsibility over the content to the public. maybe it works. maybe not. maybe no one cares. maybe 100 of voices are heard. yet anything happening or not happening is of more significance than any performed piece. pure and direct.

the phone was altered technically to be connectible to a normal soundcard. it is possible to send any mono audio signal to the handle and receive a mono signal from the microphone. it will be connected to a mp3 server via pure data (pd). we will give slight feedback(with a bit of reverb) to the user as well as stream content from radiotopia on the phone. this is maybe the most manual endpoint of the whole project (it is in your hand)

by MACHFELD [ martin pi ] for radiotopia